Reading Festival – Everything You Need To Know

Everything you need to know about Reading festival and my top tips on how to survive the three day festival.

Reading Festival takes place simultaneously with Leeds Festival every August. The festival sees a mix of pop, indie, metal music and a whole load of drum and bass. This year the festival hosted the likes of Billie Eilish, Foo Fighters, Postmalone, Andy C, Mabel and many many more, as well as, a boujie dance till the sun comes up silent disco. YESH. I WAS EXCITED.

Reading festival is no stranger to being labelled as a ‘for the youngsters’ or ‘first timers’ festival. With the majority of the crowd being between the ages of 16-18 Reading felt more like a post GSCEs party. Nevertheless I had a blast!

My Top Tips For Reading Festival

  • Tip number one: DO NOT, I repeat, do not book your bus to Reading from London without ensuring it goes right to the festival. Stupid ol’me booked a bus from Victoria and ended up in West Reading which was miles away from the festival and we ended up having to bus it, walk it, and taxi it to get to the festi. Double check when booking your bus that it goes directly to the festival.
  • This brings me to top tip number two: do not book a bus! Why book a three house bus when you can just get a 40 minute train. It’s slightly more costly but, take it from me, totally worth it. We took the train on the way back and we felt like Kings and Queens.
  • Tip three: bring your alcohol in plastic bottles. It doesn’t say so on the website but once you get there the security will ask you to pop all your alcohol into plastic bottles. Luckily, I found a bottle in the bin – gross I know, but I was desperate – so I was able to bring all my alcohol in with me.
  • Tip four: bring a reusable plastic drinking bottle. 9/10 times the security think it’s water or juice so they leave you alone and don’t question what you’re bringing into the arena. WIN.
  • Tip number five: do not buy your food there. Maybe once or twice but to survive the whole weekend you’ll need to bring your own food. I opted for crisps sandwiches; buy fancy bread it’ll make you feel better about your life choices.
  • Top tip number six: make sure you have warm clothes for night time. It gets SUPER cold at night. This year it was 29 degrees during the day and the temperature still dropped to the minus’ at night.
  • Finally tip number seven: this is a big one, do not believe the security guards when they say ‘the festival is over’ we got told this on both nights, however we persisted to go inside because the app showed things were still on, and – not to our surprise – we found a silent disco, rides, stalls and a even a movie showing at 2am.
  • And almost forgot! Tip number eight: download the app, it’s super handy!

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