Corralejo Fuertaventura – A Quick Review

Hi beautiful people, welcome to another review! This time, i’ll be reviewing the amazing island of Corralejo, Fuertaventura. Enjoy.

Fuertaventura – Corralejo 

Over all thoughts: Okay this place is small, but I had a really good time. I brought my mum here for her 49th birthday bash, and would deffo recommend if you want a cheap sunny holiday.

Hotel: We stayed in some apartment called Apartamentos Kalma by Vacanzy Collection, it was class. We had a swimming pool, a kitchen, a room, a living room, we had all the things, it was really lovely. The apartment was a good 30 minute walk away from the main part of town, when I say ‘the main part of town’ I mean a strip of shops that sold cheap Adidas and Nike knock offs, that eventually led you to the beach and a few restaurants.

Recommended Restaurants: Corralejo is a small place, and there isn’t that many places to eat having said that we did find one place, and we fell in love with. Its called Cantante cage Restaurant – cocktail bar they mainly served fish, as Corralejo is a little fishing town, but everything they had on the menu looked really fresh and delicious. The cocktails were cheap enough (10 euros for a HUGE jar of sangria), staff were lovely, and a great view of the ocean. You can sit outside or inside its totally up to you, but with the great weather you get in Corralejo I imagine you would want to sit outside.

Most Fun thing to do: There are many excursion tours to do. The ticket guys are located all around the town, so they are easy enough to find. Because we ran out of time and money, we did the dune buggy volcano tour which was probably the cheapest and less time consuming. I would probably recommend you doing something different because it was rather boring, and you have to know how to drive. beep beep. But like I said there are many different ones to chose from, such as diving, snorkelling etc… ones that are much more exciting.

So my lovelies, I am probably going to conclude it there because I dont want to overload you with information, but if you liked this post, and the way it is laid out,  let me know and I can write another one. I have so many places to share with you still, such as Paris, Morocco, Shanghai etc.. anyway,

Peace and love little glitter bugs. x

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