Amsterdam – A Quick Review

Check out this next post for some tips, reviews and everything you should be doing in Amsterdam.


I bought tickets for bae’s bday and secretly asked a few of our friends if they wanted to come as well. We all arrived on different days me and bae ended up being there for 5 nights, if I remember correctly, and everyone else arrived a day or two after us. I’m not a weed smoker, but honestly I still had the best and most craziest holiday I’ve had in a long time. I would highly recommend.

Over all thoughts: Love it! Cant wait to go back, honestly one of the best trips of my life.

Hotel: So we stayed in a few different places.The first two nights it was just me and bae, and we stayed at the Flower Market Hotel. It was in a great location, about 20 minute walk away from the train station, the room was small but clean like most places in the Amsterdam, and reasonably priced from what I can remember. We generally really liked the place. The second place was a little crazy. All of our friends arrived and we booked this ‘apartment’ 5 minutes from the station, right next to Madame Tussauds. Now, I say apartment in quotation marks because really it was the office of the apartments that we were meant to stay in. I think they overbooked the apartments, and then realised they had nowhere for us to stay. So for three days we stayed in a huge room (with a bathroom and a kitchen) on blow up beds. The best part was because it was an office/staff room type place, there was a lot of alcohol, and yup! you guessed it, we drank it all. Even though they made a mistake I would still recommend this little place its called, Studio Rokin.

Recommended Restaurants: Okay so this is not so much as a ‘restaurant’ but this is a must thing to do! Its a canal boat tour with pizza and unlimited beer or wine. It was £30 for a ticket and when I say unlimited beer or wine I actually mean unlimited beer or wine. It was totally worth it. Check it out here.

Most Fun thing to do: Party. Party. Party. And maybe check out the sex museum. oh oh! and if you are a cheese lover visit the cheese museum, its awesssommmeee.

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