Belfast’s Best Charity Shops

Hello lovelies, I welcome you back with open arms and open heart. So, as you can guess from the title I’ve written a super quick guide for you all – if you live in Belfast or are ever in Belfast – of Belfast’s best charity shops.

Some background on this. Recently I made the decision to go 100% sustainable in regards to fashion and decided to only shop in charity shops, vintage and local. With this in mind A lot of you guys asked me over on Instagram about my fave charity shops and where the best ones are so I thought to myself why not create a super quick guide on the best charity shops in Belfast.

Quick disclaimer – As some of you may know I live in East Belfast. Those of you who live in Belfast know what disaster transport can be so I prefer to stay around my area as much as possible, so naturally, I go to charity shops there. Okay, let’s start this engine and may the best charity shop… win. (This is not a competition and there is not winners or losers but really wanted to say that)


  1. East Belfast (Connswater) Bernardo’s

With pieces for only 99p, this charity shop is a MUST visit. From the outside the store looks like a drop in centre which is why its taken me this long to find it. I kept imagining a place full of people sorting through masses of black bin bags full of clothes and nothing else. However, a year later and I finally got the courage to go in and sneak a peek. To my surprise, it was the complete opposite of what I imagined! Rails and rails full of unwanted treasures, shelves stacked with retro dvd’s, containers full of groovy bags and a shit load of mirrors (cool right?)  and the best thing about this place, as I mentioned before, all the clothes are 99p. I am SHOOK YOU GUYS! 99p! I’ve bought full outfits for under £5 *shameless promo – click here to visit my Insta account to see how I styled some items* In my opinion this place could be up there with one of the top charity shops to visit while in Belfast.

2.  East Belfast (Belmont Road) Marie Curie 

This place is a gold mine! So many on-trend clothes like you wouldn’t believe. I found high waisted jeans, snake print faux leather jackets, buckets hats… all sorts of amazingness. It does come at a higher price than Bernardo’s which can be a bit off-putting but don’t you worry your cotton socks because all the money goes to charity, so no ‘feeling bad’ about sopping. The area is lovely as well so if you do make it up there definitely explore!

3.  Castle Street Oxfam

This is probably my favourite charity shop for finding actual vintage clothes. They literally hand pick all the best 80’s and 90’s vintage wear and organise everything into men/women/dresses/skirts/trousers/shirts etc… They also style up the mannequins really well, which is great inspo for first-time charity shop explorers. They have everything from shoes to sunglasses to kick ass jewellery and even some household ornaments. This place is priced higher than most charity shops in Belfast however, it is definitely a must visit.


4. Botanic Red Cross/Vintage

This is a charity shop turned vintage store. If your looking for cool pieces from the 50’s, 60s and 70s then this place is 100% for you! Two floors of packed out second-hand gems I can promise you, you won’t regret coming here.  Prices are pretty reasonable for vintage/charity shop which is refreshing if you’re coming from the likes of London/Manchester as I know vintage shops there can be rather expensive.

5. East Belfast Cancer Reseach UK 

Another awesome charity shop in east Belfast. If you’re looking for the latest and trendiest of charity shops then this one is deffo the one you want, and not only because I give all my clothes to them (lol), but because they have super bang on trend items. And at a good price.

6. Castle Court Charity Shop 

Last on my list is a small, quirky charity shop in Castle Court. I like this one because they tend to have good items at affordable prices. I also wanted to add this one to the list because it is so accessible as its located in Castle Court which is in Belfast city centre.


7. Derrry/Londonderry 

I know this isn’t Belfast but! I had to mention it. Derry/Londonderry literally have THEE best charity shops. If you end up in Belfast you should definitely try and make an effort to visit. I specifically like charity shops in and around Ferryquay street.  All the charity shops are next to each other in one big cluster clump so you can go from one to another, which is just a treat!

Do you have a favourite charity shop? if so, did I miss it from the list? I would love to hear from you!

*Disclaimer – none of the pictures I used are mine.


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