New Years Resolution – Becoming Sustainable

Hey guys, whatsup everyone!? First thing is first, Happy New Year to you all! This has truly been a magical year for me and I want to thank you all for being part of it. 2016/17 were very hard years for me and there were days when I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel but I focused on working on myself and working on making myself better because the world can be such a beautiful place full of beautiful people and I new that 2018 was going to be the start of something special. I lost someone who is very dear to me at the beginning of 2018 however, the rest of the year was full of love, new opportunities and great friendships.

So, I thought what better way to start the year than with a cute ‘new year, new me’ 2019 resolutions blog post. Because I focus on bettering myself every day and learning from my experiences, mistakes and general life, it is hard to sit and think what points can I! focus on to better myself this year but after looking back on 2018 and some doing some deep, thoughtful thinking I came up with my new years resolutions!

Number 1 has to be sustainable fashion. My whole life I shopped in charity shops – this is due to my mum being a single parent to me and my 2 little sisters – as a family we never really had extra money to spend on clothes etc… so I would always buy my pieces from charity shops or thrift stores in London. As I grew older and started making money for myself shopping in stores such as TopShop, H&m became appealing to me. However, noticing what fast fashion has done to the environment I want to make it my resolution this year to go back to thrifting, re-working clothes and shopping in charity shops. I also want you guys to benefit from this so my sub-resolution would be to create YouTube content for thrifting and charity shopping. #WatchThisSpace

Number 2 is staying fit. I want to get back into exercising every day and staying fit. This is not necessarily because I don’t like my body but I find exercise to be good for the mind, body and soul. When I gymed every day I found I had more energy and my body felt better for it also focusing my mind on exercising meant I had less time to make stuff up in my head which was great for my anxiety. I have already taken the first step in finding a suitable gym and a personal trainer and I am super excited to get stuck into it. Again I will be documenting my journey on my insta so feel free to follow me on there too.

With that in mind, my 3rd new year resolution is Yoga. I used to love going to Yoga, just like the gym it helps me focus my energy where it should be. I used to Yoga at flow near St Anne’s cathedral, Belfast, but now that I changed my job I am not in town anymore so will need to find a new place. Seriously guys if you need some zening out Yoga is the thing for you!

Enough about my self, number 4 is to be more charitable. This year I would love to help more in the community and give back as much as I can. Something I’m looking into at the moment is donating to help local non government funded charities. I feel like if my first resolution goes to plan then I will have extra cash dollas to donate.

I would love to know what your 2019 resolutions are, drop me a comment below and we can share some thoughts and ideas.

Happy new year lovers.

** Disclaimer – Picture is not mine.

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