Salema Portugal – A Quick Review

Hey guys, and welcome back to my blog. Sorry I’ve been slacking alil with writing some new content, but if you follow me on insta you’ll know I have been a busy bee. bzz.

I have just started my masters in Communication and PR. I got a promotion in work. I’ve been focusing a lot of my energy on spending time with people rather than being online. And I’ve been on two holidays, a festival and two Britney Spears concert. So, ya. I’ve been busy.

But, because I’ve been so awol with my time off, I wanted to write a lil post about a small village I recently visited in Portugal called, Salema.

Let’s start with the fact that I went at the end of September and it was STILL super hot. The weather fluctuated between 26 – 29 degrees, which meant the sea was still warm and there was enough sunshine for me to get my tan on. The town is small, very small, pretty sure it is just a wee village, but I like small (in some cases, not all), so it fit perfectly. I must admit though, I probably won’t visit on a two week holiday because I might get bored, but a few days like we did I would do again for sure!

With the cobbled streets, gorgeous exposed brick villas, and awesome beach, this place is super perfect for that Instagram photo! However, I was there with family and for some chill out time so Insta was the last thing on my mind, sorry.

Food was D-E-L-I-S-H you can find anything from stove baked pizza, to steak, to fish. Fish was a huge thing in Salema because it’s a “sea town”, so of course they had the freshest fish around. I visited 3 restaurants out of the 5 that were there, and I was super impressed with all of them. If you go I highly recommend Boia Bar, get the mussels in garlic and white sauce, they were amazing! Also check out Agua na Boca. It is Super hard to get a table there during lunch time, but dinner time there not a problem because most people go out to lagos which is the closest big-ish town. I do recommend to book a table in advance just to avoid being disappointed. I recommend trying the sea-bass and prawn tagliatelle, two very delicious meals.

For accommodation we stayed at Seaview apartments.  The place was awesome! It was clean, spacious, great location and very friendly staff; I asked for early check in and they replied within 10 minutes saying it was not a problem. The only downside was there was no pool. Some of us paid £80 a night for an apartment with a pool which I would highly recommend, and will do if every visit. Obviously this isn’t a big deal, but it would of been nice to have the option to go to the pool and not be at the beach everyday, and have sand up my ass crack all day.

All in all the holiday was cheap enough. Flights were £100 return, and accommodation was £66 for the full 4 days. Spending money I went a little crazy. I drank a lot of espresso martini which came in at 7.50 a pop and ate out every day, so ended up spending around 250 euros in 4 days. But it was my last holiday until I am done with my masters, so I thought what the hell might as well enjoy it while I can.

To conclude, I totally see how and why people go back every year. The fact that it’s A small and unknown “village” means the place isn’t saturated with tourists. There’s spaces on the beach, lovely restaurants to eat in and the nearest town is only 20 minutes away. Perfect for a quick beach getaway. And a perfect place to indulge in an espresso martini!

*Disclaimer – images are not mine.

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