Okay guys, so this post is about shopping on a budget, but by no means am I saying not to shop with your local retailers as I am an incredible believer of shopping & supporting local, however I do also struggle with money sometimes and in those times I turn to eBay. eBay have some incredible pieces at the moment for really affordable prices.

Lately I have been exploring eBay for some festival fashion and I have found so much! I recently put a few photos on my insta stories showing you guys some stuff and so many of you guys asked me about them, so I decided to write a blog post, and talk you through what I bought and how you can find the right thing for you.

Okay so firstly, before you commit to buying anything through eBay always check the shipping. Some cheaper items tend to come from abroad and take around 30 days to arrive, which obviously isn’t ideal. There is a filter you can use to only see sellers who are shipping from the UK, which is super handy, but you don’t want to use it all the time because it can narrow your search to only a few things.

This all started on a very low scale and somehow became this huge order. I started by looking up ‘body harness’ as I wanted a few cool bondage like harnesses for festivals. The key here is not to go by what the first page gives you, but once you click on an item you like the look of go to the bottom of the page to ‘people who viewed this item also viewed’ section, and this is how you find the nice affordable things and drown deeper into the eBay vortext. For example… The first picture shows you things that other people viewed. I love that holographic belt. This is something I wouldn’t have thought of searching for, but now that I see it I want it. And for £3? how can I say no? – the eBay vortext.


harnes 3harness 1belt

Once I clicked on the belt, and again scrolled down to “other people viewed” I came across this cool AF ring hoop belt that I have been wanting for ages. Here it is for £2.73 (odd number right?)

belt 2

And here she is on Pretty Little Thing for £8. Saving you a total of £5.27 thats almost the price of another 2 belts.

belt 3


For more festival type stuff I typed in belly dancers belt, again following the same procedure of clicking on the item I like, then scrolling down to “people also viewed”, I found some amazing pieces. Have a look…

belly dancebelly dances

I normally see these type of belts going for £20+ and on eBay you can find them for £6 or less. If you type in belly dancer costume you will find so much cool festival wear, this is how I also found these wings. Just remember the key is always to scroll down and look at “what other viewed”, this will bring up so many awesome pieces you might not have thought of!

On eBay £3.98


You can also find them on Pretty Little Thing for £20


To find the stuff I want I normally write in the search bar a few words that describe the item I am looking for. Does that make sense? Here’s an example, here in the search bar I wrote tassel skirt. The first page had a few but they were about £10+ so I clicked on one, scrolled down to “people also viewed”, and found this one for £5.59

tassel two

And here is the exact same one from MISSPAP for £15. Saving you £9.41!!!


For this next one I just kept looking through “people also viewed”, and came across it. How amazing? This would probably be £40 in Topshop.


For this next one I typed in checkered top and all these cute OMIGHTY style tops appeared. How amazing are these babies? And look at the price difference.

eBay £2.99




Another dupe I have for you guys is the buckled swimsuits, which is probably one of my favourite finds on eBay.

eBay £3.99, and there is more styles.


Dolls Kill £64.53 – Now I know they are not an exact dupe, but close enough!


I know how on trend cycling shorts are at the moment… here are some camo ones I found on eBay vs ones on PLT. eBay ones are £4.49 vs PLT £10, saving you £5.05 enough for another pair! Don’t worry theres plenty of colours too.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 14.35.06Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 14.34.14

And lastly, just because I know how popular these body suits are at the moment. I thought ill try and find one; eBay £4.69 vs Forever 21 £22 saving you just over £17!!! You can get like 4 of these body suits, one in every colour.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 14.40.05Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 14.40.55


Hope you lovelies enjoyed this blog post! If you have any questions regarding anything on this post just comment underneath and I will be able to answer them as soon as I can.


*Disclaimer – I have previously worked with eBay,  but this is not a sponsored post.

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