Heyyyyyloooowww you beautiful humans, and welcome back to another blog post by yours truly, me. So, according to I am a ‘frequent flyer’, and because of this I wanted to write a blog post for you guys highlighting some of the best places I’ve visited, and share some tips with you guys that you can hopefully use in the future.



Okay so, my older sister lives here which is why I was visiting. I visited with my boyfriend and we stayed for approximate two weeks.

Over all thoughts: My overall thoughts were… I can see myself living here, but I will need a lot, and I mean A LOT, of money.

Hotel: We stayed with my sister the first 3 nights and then booked a hotel for 4 nights. The hotel was A M A Z I N G, and right in the middle of South Beach. It was spacious, really good value for money, staff were SO lovely, it was clean, we had a balcony, great location, and to top it all off it was gorgeous; really aesthetically pleasing. The hotel had a sister hotel two doors down with a rooftop pool that we were allowed to use. The name of the hotel is Ocean Hotel, and you should definitely try and stay there if you’re ever thinking of visiting Miami.

Recommended Restaurant: To be honest we ate in so many different places I cant really chose one, but I guess there were two that really stood out to me; the Cheese Cake Factory and Tijuana flats. We had a lot of cutesie resturants right outside our hotel too, they were serving huge cocktails, which is what lured us in, and really good chicken wings! Would highly recommend.

Most fun thing to do: Take your self to Disney Land, Orlando, Obviously! Honestly apart from sitting on the beach/pool there is not much to do in Miami. Maybe try and visit the Kim Kardashian store?


New York 

During our trip to Miami, we decided to take a detour and go to New York City. The flight from Miami cost us $60 and were 3 hours long. We stayed in NYC for 3 nights 4 days, and it was M A G I C A L.


Hotel: DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT stay at the Hudson hotel. Over priced, small rooms, rude staff, deposit cost more than the room, location was great, however not worth the money we spent. New York has a great subway system, so it doesn’t really matter about a ‘good’ location as long as you are willing to use the underground.

Recommended Restaurants: We didn’t get to go to a fancy restaurant, but we did stop in China town and had THE BEST Vietnamese food, it was amazing. I was set on visiting  visit Pietro Nolita, which is an all pink Italian restaurant, however we ran out of time and didn’t make it. They serve pink food, and have a pink decor, with pink drinks and pink everything, and I love pink, and Italian food, so I was a bit upset we didn’t get to go. So please will you? p.s. Its a great place for photo opps.

Most Fun thing to do: Go and watch a basket ball game at Madison Square Gardens. We managed to get tickets to see the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets, and it was unbelievable. I felt like I was in friends. Also try and visit a Jazz Bar, to good not to.



I bought tickets for bae’s bday and secretly asked a few of our friends if they wanted to come as well. We all arrived on different days me and bae ended up being there for 5 nights, if I remember correctly, and everyone else arrived a day or two after us. I’m not a weed smoker, but honestly I still had the best and most craziest holiday I’ve had in a long time. I would highly recommend.

Over all thoughts: Love it! Cant wait to go back, honestly one of the best trips of my life.

Hotel: So we stayed in a few different places.The first two nights it was just me and bae, and we stayed at the Flower Market Hotel. It was in a great location, about 20 minute walk away from the train station, the room was small but clean like most places in the Amsterdam, and reasonably priced from what I can remember. We generally really liked the place. The second place was a little crazy. All of our friends arrived and we booked this ‘apartment’ 5 minutes from the station, right next to Madame Tussauds. Now, I say apartment in quotation marks because really it was the office of the apartments that we were meant to stay in. I think they overbooked the apartments, and then realised they had nowhere for us to stay. So for three days we stayed in a huge room (with a bathroom and a kitchen) on blow up beds. The best part was because it was an office/staff room type place, there was a lot of alcohol, and yup! you guessed it, we drank it all. Even though they made a mistake I would still recommend this little place its called, Studio Rokin.

Recommended Restaurants: Okay so this is not so much as a ‘restaurant’ but this is a must thing to do! Its a canal boat tour with pizza and unlimited beer or wine. It was £30 for a ticket and when I say unlimited beer or wine I actually mean unlimited beer or wine. It was totally worth it. Check it out here.

Most Fun thing to do: Party. Party. Party. And maybe check out the sex museum. oh oh! and if you are a cheese lover visit the cheese museum, its awesssommmeee.


Fuertaventura – Corralejo 

Over all thoughts: Okay this place is small, but I had a really good time. I brought my mum here for her 49th birthday bash, and would deffo recommend if you want a cheap sunny holiday.

Hotel: We stayed in some apartment called Apartamentos Kalma by Vacanzy Collection, it was class. We had a swimming pool, a kitchen, a room, a living room, we had all the things, it was really lovely. The apartment was a good 30 minute walk away from the main part of town, when I say ‘the main part of town’ I mean a strip of shops that sold cheap Adidas and Nike knock offs, that eventually led you to the beach and a few restaurants.

Recommended Restaurants: Corralejo is a small place, and there isn’t that many places to eat having said that we did find one place, and we fell in love with. Its called Cantante cage Restaurant – cocktail bar they mainly served fish, as Corralejo is a little fishing town, but everything they had on the menu looked really fresh and delicious. The cocktails were cheap enough (10 euros for a HUGE jar of sangria), staff were lovely, and a great view of the ocean. You can sit outside or inside its totally up to you, but with the great weather you get in Corralejo I imagine you would want to sit outside.

Most Fun thing to do: There are many excursion tours to do. The ticket guys are located all around the town, so they are easy enough to find. Because we ran out of time and money, we did the dune buggy volcano tour which was probably the cheapest and less time consuming. I would probably recommend you doing something different because it was rather boring, and you have to know how to drive. beep beep. But like I said there are many different ones to chose from, such as diving, snorkelling etc… ones that are much more exciting.


So my lovelies, I am probably going to conclude it there because I dont want to overload you with information, but if you liked this post, and the way it is laid out,  let me know and I can write another one. I have so many places to share with you still, such as Paris, Morocco, Shanghai etc.. anyway,

Peace and love little glitter bugs. x


  1. Loved this! Amsterdam is on my list of places to visit so it really helped to read your advice and recommendations for the city with what seems like a million bikes and canals!

    New York is something else isn’t it! I’ve been a couple of times and still haven’t managed to see and do everything that I want to do there. Central Park is something I need to tick off big time as well as a broadway show there but it’s just a different way of life and pretty nuts!

    Miami I went to when I went for Wrestlemania and the only thing I really enjoyed was Miami Beach other than that there wasn’t much else to do and everything was quite expensive, though the weather was absolutely beautiful when I was there and I got a trip to Disney out of it 🙂

    Out of your most recent trips what one has been your favourite? I would highly recommend Boston if you are heading back to America, I feel like I’ve left my heart there ❤

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