I think we can all agree that festival season is well and truly here. With that in mind, I wanted to give you guys my second blog post of my top picks for festival season. Unlike my last blog post, this one is going to include a mixture of brands that really slayed it this festival season. And if you haven’t already read my last blog post you can do so now, by clicking here.

So I don’t want to ramble on lets get straight to it. swish swish.

First up is my F A V E brand at the moment, Primark. They are super affordable and stylish, and they really slayed it this festival season.

First up is this cute AF sequin bumbag. I love wearing bumbags to festival, you have all your shit just right there in front of you – or should I say on the front of you – for when you need it. This beauty is only £6! See website


Okay so now we have this boujee sequin play-suit. When I bought it I was a bit weary of how it will fit, but honestly guys, it fits amazingly!!! I’m delighted with this purchase, and at only £13 what. A. barging.


Primark have recently released a full festival glitter and gems range. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to get my hands on them yet, I will soon though! From what I can see on the website there are a number of things in the collection including: Body paint pods £1.50, body glitter £1.50, glitter £2, metallic eye paint £1, lip gloss £2.50, Body gems kits £3 and Face gem kits £2. See feature

primark gems

Lastly from Primark, we have this gorgeous baby pink sequin kimono. I actually bought this one from the Primark in London, and I am totally obsessed. They do a matching bra and hot pants too, so you can get the full look.

primark kimono


So now that we have addressed the elephant in the room – because everyone is still shook just how much Primark have stepped up their game – we can continue with our next brand, Pretty Little Thing. I never used to be into online shopping simply because I was worried of sizing, quality and returns. But once I got over my fears I realised just how much I was missing out. Online shops like Nasty Gal, Miss Guided and Pretty Little Thing are literally, the bomb! So if you are like past me and fear online shoping, GET OVER IT!

Okay so I’m going to start with a two in one, because frankly, Pretty Little Thing are killing it and there is way to much to choose from. So I went with these two items first. Rainbow colour anything is everything at the moment. This really trendy cardigan is £60, and super cute metallic dress is £30. Together they are such a LOOK!  Shop the lewk

rainbow cardi and dress

Next I chose this “I need this for when the police call to tell me my rich husband died in mysterious circumstances” maxi duster. This comes in 2 colours, hot pink and black, and its £25. Shop the lewk

black duster

Guys, I cant even begin to explain how much of a festival MUST this is. Its a Pink faux fur hooded sequin jacket… I die! At £70 its a tad expensive, but totally worth it. Shop the lewk

sequin hooded

Okay so there is only 4 sizes left in this. I mean, why are you still reading this? go and BUY IT! Silver holographic maxi kimono. Shop the lewk

silver holographic

Again, I’m doing a two in one with this amazing cow print co-ord and denim shorts. These cow print chaps are £30, the bra is £20, and denim knickers £15. Shop the lewk


Lastly, what is more important than a statement head piece? (that was a rhetorical questions, don’t answer that). This awesome head piece comes in 3 colours, blue, pink and black. At only £12 its an absolute barging bucket. Shop the lewk


Next up, I wanted to show you guys a few pieces that I missed out in the last ‘festival top picks’ blog post from Nasty Gal.

To cut a long story short. Sequins, mesh maxi dress = Festival everything. Look at this beaut piece for only £40, go get it girl! Shop the lewk

sequin mesh

I spotted this cute AF tie die rainbow bathing suit for £20. You can layer it up in so many different ways, it is such an essential piece. Shop the lewk

tie die bathin

And lastly, body chains! They are so great for finishing off a look, and Nasty Gal have so many different ones ranging between £10 to £30. Here I picked a favourite of mine 🙂 Shop the lewk


Thanks for reading my blog post.

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*Disclaimer – I run an affiliate program with Nasty Gal

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