Pizza Punks Belfast – A Quick Review

Hey guys, back with another post for you. Today i’ll be reviewing the most hottest ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ place in Belfast, Pizza Punks.

So lets relate back to the title, Pizza Punks – are they really that great? The answer is Y E S 10 times over, and over. And I’m not just saying this because I am a brand Ambassador, I really do think it. So lets start at the beginning. Pizza Punks opened its first restaurant in Glasgow, in September last year. Now because of its popularity, Pizza Punks decided to open a Second restaurant, and guess where it is? RIGHT HERE in Belfast, yippee.

So? what is it all about? well you can ‘Punk up’ your pizza for just Â£10. But India what does ‘Punk up’ your pizza mean? I hear you say. It means you can choose from 60 different toppings and no matter how many toppings you choose from (you might choose ALL 60, or you might choose 3) the price stays the same, 10 beautiful well spent pounds. But that’s not all! You can also choose from 8 different sides, including the cheesy garlic bread (a personal favourite of mine). If that doesn’t sell it to you, wait until you see the cocktail menu, I mean… they have a BUCKFAST cocktail, WTF?! * Disclaimer* it actually tastes delicious, almost like a amaretto sour. The cocktail menu, which by the way they call ‘Lubrication’ includes, Mallowdramatic – A Vanilla infused vodka, with Kalhua which is a coffee liqueur, milk, cookies & Cream and toasted marshmallow. I mean does that not just sound like heaven? well… it tastes like it!  They also offer freakshakes which are the most instagramable milkshakes in Belfast. *Another disclaimer* my friend got one but knocked it over before I could take a picture. CRIES! They also have a gin menu, beers, cans of stuff and Punk sodas which are handcrafted in store.

Okay so enough about the menu, what about the service? Well, have you ever been to a Lush store? you always know how happy the staff are because they are always smiling, always dancing, always coming up with different ways to make you feel special! This place is exactly like that, I call it the Lush customer service of food. Honestly, everyone is so lovely & genuine. I remember the first day I walked in and the staff were just up for a casual conversation, I think we talked about hair dyes or something like that it just set the mood for the rest of the night. The second time I was there I was with a group of 10 people, the waiter took down our orders and our names so when the food came out it was easy to spot who ordered what. This made the evening go smoothly, there was no hassle for us and even though the restaurant was super busy, they still managed to get our orders out quickly which, and we appreciated that!

The music was fab! very ‘punked’ up. We heard stuff like Avril Lavigne. If your not an Avril fan don’t worry, the music wasn’t too loud so you can still talk to each other (I hate when bars put the music too loud and you have to shout at your friends) the general vibe was really nice.

I’m just going to come out and say it, if you haven’t been to Pizza Punks yet, why the hell not? I literally couldn’t think of one reason! Oh! waiiiittttt a second, I cant believe I almost forgot this!! They also do vegan & gluten free pizza! So now you know there is LITTERALY not one reason why not to L O V E Pizza Punks.

Did you go to Pizza Punks already? Let me know how you got on in the comments â¤ï¸â¤ï¸

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