It is no secret that last season everyone were obsessed with the colour Red! And I say season but I mean more like, 2 or 3 seasons. Red was everywhere for a while. I remember attending Belfast Fashion Week in a red co ord suit, and so did everyone else. Well, that’s not entirely true, they were dressed in red but not in suits, and it wasn’t everyone more like 10 people, but that’s still a lot right? its not funny if you don’t over exaggerate.

Instagram was flooded with it too. Red, and black and white checkered was such a thing for while, and it wasn’t a bad thing, it was actually great.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is Red was everywhere. Now we are slowly but surely seeing it phase out, which I never thought would happen, but it did. So what is the replacement for Red you ask? well… the title says it all, really, its Yellow. Its mustard Yellow, bright Yellow, Yellow Yellow, all the kinds of Yellow you can think of and people are L O V I N G it, and so am I to be honest. I always do wonder tho, who decides these things? does it just happen? Is it London fashion week? Or fashion week in Milan? Or New York? Or Spain? (Is there a fashion week in Spain? hhhmmm)

Guys, I’ll be completely honest with you, at this point I feel like I have written everything I need to say, which is why I’m just rambling. This blog post seems waaaaaaayyyyy to short to just be published like this, so I have complied a list (with pictures, oh yah!) of some bloggers/Influencers styling Yellow.

Would love love love to hear your thoughts! Drop me a comment below!


First up literally my woman crush, Charlotte Hole. Styling this cute AF shaggy knitted cardigan.



Next up is the gorgeous Paige Anthony, styling this A W E S O M E faux fur coat.



Next up is this beautiful model/stylist Sheryl Bennett, whos Instagram I came across and totally fell in love. Wearing a beautiful! high waisted pencil skirt



Up next is Natalia Homolova who I have aways looked up to. One day she decided to follow me? and I was in total shock! Not only that, she talks to me all the time. Seriously the nicest person ever!!! Styling all things Yellow!



Next is literally the best guy you’ll ever meet! Gerry. His style is driving me crazy atm. ILOVEIT. Again, styling all things Yellow.



This girl is literally my soul sister, festival qween and absolute legend Kleo Schlesi. Head to toe in tessa.ivy 



Next up is this S L A Y qween Taty Mary. Her photos are literally goals! Styling a cute plain Yellow top



And lastly is the beautiful Taylor-Jayne Tytler. I adore her style, and her amazing kind personality.


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