HELLLLOOOOOOO there little glitter monsters, I am back, back, back with another blog post for y’all. 

And its that time of year again, its better than Christmas, did I just really say that? YES YOU GUESSED ITS FESTIVAL SEASON, and boy are all the brands (EVEN PRIMARK) up to speed. The likes of Pretty Little Thing, Missguided, Nasty Gal, Primark etc… have all released a Festival range, and I am super excited to share with you guys my top picks. As you can notice from the title this is part one, and yes, there is going to be part two & three,  because there is W A Y too many clothes/outfits to chose from.

Starting us off this week is Nasty Gal #NastyGalsDoItBetter

First up we have this little number. This is a beautiful square neckline, thin strap, leopard print dress. The colourful pattern makes it a must have for festival season. SHOP THE LEWK

sequin dress

Next we have this cutie patootie Cardigan. It comes in a loop knit and features a shaggy, multicolours design. These jackets/cardigans are so in season atm, and would make a brilliant cosy blanket for when you want to hide away from everyone. SHOP THE LEWK

multi coloured jacket

OKAY! So, these are L I  T E R A L Y my fave thing off the website. I will not only wear them at festivals but, every. single. day. of my life. Can I be buried in these please? like, please? These oversized, tinsel earrings are just what every festival goer needs. SHOP THE LEWK

tinsle earrings

You guys know I am all about the sequin. So next up, this adorable sweetheart neckline, multicoloured sequin Romper suit. Have you guys noticed a pattern yet? lots of sequins! lots of colour. SHOP THE LEWK

sequin one piece

Woweee, now we are getting a little bit hotttt . How gorgeous is this pearl body chain? Oh gosh! somebody call the police, this is FIREEEEEE. This features a vest design at front, chain and pearl-inspired detailing throughout and tassel embellishment. SHOP THE LEWK


Okay, so, I may have lied a lil earlier and said that the tinsel earrings are my fave, I mean they are totally up there in my top 3, but OH GOSH! have you ever seen trousers as nice as these? Tinsel, tinsel, everywhere. These little number are by the Nasty Gal Studio collection, of, show stopping pieces (damn right) inspired by vintage, intricate hand detailing and festival fashion. SHOP THE LEWK 

tinsle trouser

Half way through, were not doing too bad eh? Next is the famous cow boy hat, yeeeehaaa. I predict it will be the biggest must have accessory at this years festivals. Best part is, its vegan suede. SHOP THE LEWK


Next up is another fave from the Nasty Gal Studio collection. Chaps are going to be the biggest trend this festival season, so make sure you grab a pair, before heading to any festival. I have already spotted some people at Coachella wearing these. They are also, VEGAN LEATHER, so no need to feel guilty when you have your toches out. SHOP THE LEWK


And, we are back to tinsel town. Here in all her glory, ‘The Party Crasher’ Jacket features an oversized look and multicolored metallic fringe. She is beauty, she is grace, and I love her. SHOP THE LEWK

tinsle coat

Had to add these babies for comfort. In case you don’t get the weather you were quite hoping for, take these high waisted, flared pants with you to a festival. That way if it is cold and miserable, you can pop these on, and be warm and the light of the festival. SHOP THE LEWK


Lastly, I picked this super cute bumbag, comes in vegan leather and features a double zip, with a beautiful metallic finish. Bumbags are so hot this season, specially if your wearing it across your chest, because around the waist is just not good enough anymore. SHOP THE LEWK


Well folks, that is it from me. I hope you enjoyed my top picks festival wear part one, because there is going to be a few more of these, LOL. Don’t forget to leave me a comment, let me know if you are liking my blog so far? For now, byeeeeeee. 


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