Its no secret by now, that the hottest new trend is polka dots. If you told my 15 year old self – who through out all of her spaghetti straps polka dot vests – that the pattern will make a come back, I would of laughed in yo face. Polka dots were so old school, and nobody wanted anything to do with them. That was about 10 years ago – yes I’m 26 years old for those of you who don’t know – Now, the fashion world has decided that the pattern is making a come back, what goes around comes around (does that saying work? probably not). Anyway, ill stop rambling and get on with the post.

I wanted to give you guys my top 5 must haves polka dot items this season.

Coming in at number 5, we have this G O R G E O U S polka dot wrap dress, from Nasty Gal. Wrap dresses are so in at the moment, and are such a hot trend this season. So why not combine 2 awesome trends into one? for the ultimate awesomeness!! The dress is on sale ATM, down from £30 to ONLY £15. GRAB IT AND GO. SHOP THE LEWK HERE

wrap dress


At number four, yes ladies and gentlemen, are these super cute polka dot heels. I actually saw these in a photo on Instragram (There’s a surprise) and fell in love ❤ These ones are from Public Desire, on ASOS, and you can get them for £29.99. SHOP THE LEWK HERE



Okay! So, were half way to number 1, yeeeeeee! who’s excited?!? At number 3 we have this CAYOOT ASS polka dot jump suit. This one is from independent designer, Dreamland clothing. I am a big believer in shopping with smaller brands, and supporting local designers. Everyone has to start somewhere #SupportLocal. These cute jump suit comes at £45 a pop. SHOP THE LEWK HERE


We are at number 2!!! Almost making it to the top spot we have, DIS POLKA DOT TWO PIECEEEEEE. WOWEEEE. Inspired by the gorgeous Ciara Decrteret. After I saw a photo of her wearing (on Insta) I went searching all over the net for it, and came across this cute – similar, not the same – polka two piece from Pretty Little Thing, which is only like, my favourite site ever. SHOP THE LEWK


WE MADE IT! WE MADE IT TO NUMBER 1, HORRAHHHH. And at number 1 we have the U L T I M A T E polka dot must have, this gorgeous Asos coat and it looks even better in real life, I promise. I saw this on a girl who came into my work last week, and had to ask where she got the coat from, aaannnddddd do you guys want to hear the best news ever??? ITS ON SALE! down from £75 to only £45. Well, what are you still doing here? go and buy it. NOW. SHOP THE LEWK



There you have it guys, my top 5 must have polka dots this season. Did you have a favourite? let me know in a comment below or, sashay away. Byeeeeeeeeeeee.



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