HELLO everyone, SOO I have had a lot of you guys asking me about my eBay collaboration recently, so I wanted to write a lil blog post about it.

Lets start at the beginning.

About 4 months ago I was contacted by a company that was collaborating with eBay to create a community of emerging influencers. We were given briefs to create a photo or a short video to help sellers/shoppers understand eBays most vibrant and exciting marketplaces. The briefs were not mandetory and I never felt pressured into doing one that I didn’t feel true to.

We got a brief once a week,  we were literally given so much free range as to how we create the brief it was awesome. Everyone was able to see each others creative work through an app called bublbshare, you could like and comment, it was almost like a small community of influencers that worked, helped and grew together. I actually met a fellow blogger who has similar style to me, and we now talk, share tips and support each other on Instagram, feel free to check her out ImogenRose.co.uk  She is totally awesomeee!!

So, we were asked to create some content for the weekly brief. Every week I would upload my content to a private app called bulbshare, and if my content was approved by eBay, I would get an email saying I can upload the content to my social media platforms. The Brief subjects changed every four weeks, and we did anything from sports wear to 90s fashion, which obviously, I can really relate to.

At the beginning I was very hesitant whether or not my content would be approved by eBay, so I feel like my first few pieces were not up to standards. But once I realised that eBay were actually picking my content, I stepped it up a notch. I couldn’t believe it at first, I was so overwhelmed by the fact that my content was chosen by eBay themselves, I thought, this is definitely just a one off. Then my next one got picked, and the one after that, and etc… overall 8/9 of my briefs were chosen, I was so delighted.

Overall working for eBay was one of the best experiences for me so far in 2018. I am really proud of myself, and the content I created for them. I stayed true to who I am and never uploaded something I didn’t think was “me”. I feel like sometimes people can lose themselves and become what the company wants them to be.

Don’t forget to drop me a comment, let me know how your liking my blog. 😘😘



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